Top Apps To Download If You’re New To NFT’s

4 min readNov 16, 2021


If you’re new to NFT’s, there are going to be a lot of people telling you a lot of information. If you’re watching those 17 year olds on TikTok pointing their fingers at this, but not that…. you should probably stop that right meow. I would consider myself earlier to this game than most and a majority of the information that I learned was from the following apps and people. I hope this helps you on your NFT journey :)

1. Twitter

I originally got on Twitter back in 2016 when I started trading the stock market. The fact that you could use the $ as a # for stock symbols was an incredible resource for me. Not only could I get up-to-the-second news on specific companies, but I could see who was talking about that particular stock or what was being discussed. Quickly, I was able to find the industry leaders on Twitter that I trusted and that consistently provided information without expecting anything in return.

When I came across NFT’s in late 2020 (because of the stock market), I realized that I could apply that same strategy and really learn from the people that came before me. I quickly started looking for all the profiles that were talking about NFT’s. After a few months, it got really easy to spot them with all the Punk and BAYC avatars. The amount of knowledge that some of these people share on Twitter is absolutely amazing. I’ve learned more from Twitter (which has turned into more money than I ever could’ve imagined) than I ever did in school!

Here are my Top 5 people to follow on Twitter for NFT’s
1. Gary Vee
2. Farokh
3. NFT Freaks
4. Zeneca 33
5. gmoney.eth

*To follow more experts on the NFT space, please go follow me and then follow all of the people that I’m following. You can thank me later :)

2. Discord

Discord is an absolute MUST when it comes to NFT’s. First and foremost, if you’re getting into an NFT project, one of the very first things you should do is check their Discord. It will give you a really good idea on the type of people involved and what kind of community is being built. Additionally, it’s a great way to meet other people who share similar interests. It’s also an incredible way to learn from others who have been in the space for years.

Here are my top 5 favorite Discords for learning!
1) Bullish Bears (It really is the best :)
2) VeeFriends
3) Boss Beauties
4) ENS
5) All Smilesss

3. Coinbase

Coinbase is a wallet where you can purchase Cryptocurrencies such as ETH. If you have more questions about wallets, please take a quick look at my article “What Is A Crypto Wallet & How Do I Set It Up”. After using several different wallets to purchase ETH, Coinbase has been my favorite and most user friendly. It’s also the most well known and publicly traded on the US stock market.

In addition to being able to buy crypto, there is also an incredible amount of information and resources to help you learn about crypto and the NFT spaces. You could spend hours there doing research and looking at charts… at least I do ;)

4. MetaMask

If you read the article about crypto wallets linked above, you’ll know that MetaMask is your wallet to store and use your ETH/Crypto. The nice thing about this app is that not only can you keep track of all your crypto, but you can also make purchases straight through the app. It’s the only wallet right now that has a built in web browser, which means you can be on OpenSea through the MetaMask app, and purchase an NFT directly from your phone! This makes things a lot easier when you’re on the run.

Additionally, you can view all of your NFT’s on the mobile app as well. In my opinion, is a better alternative for displaying your NFT’s on your phone. It just looks better in my opinion and also seems to be more integrated with the blockchain. Sometimes with MetaMask, old NFT’s show up or some don’t show up at all. I’m sure that will change overtime as the industry evolves over the next decade.

5. OpenSea

OpenSea is currently the world’s largest NFT marketplace where you can buy, sell and trade NFT’s. Currently you’re unable to do any of that from the app, however it is a great resource for doing research on certain NFT projects or artists. They have rankings and statistics for different categories as well as a trending page to show you what’s moving in the market.

Hopefully this helps you all get started on the right direction. My DM’s are always open so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. I’m happy to help!

Much love,